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 "Our Sew Original family is like a patchwork quilt With kindness gently sewn Each piece is an original With beauty all its own, with threads of warmth and happiness it's lightly stitched together to last in love throughout the years our family is forever."
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Classes & Events!!
Classes & Events!!

Greetings from the Voice behind the window,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Of course, as we’re writing this newsletter, we’re in the midst of the holiday season and I hope everyone is enjoying the festivities as well as sneaking in some sewing time for yourself! Sew Original has so many wonderful new things coming up for the winter and spring months. There are lots of new programs including:
  • - Lisa and Kathleen’s “Let’s Get Organized” Bag of the Month starting in January 
  • - Lisa’s Friday Night Skinny Dipping starting in February (yes, you read that you have to go check it out, don’t you!)
  • - Laura’s new Block of the Month starting in March, and
  • - Holly’s Block of the Month starting in April

Not to mention, we have Amanda Murphy & Cherry Guildry coming for a fabulous machine quilting class AND a retreat in March! 

Happy Stitching!

Shirley and the Sew Original Staff

   REMEMBER, we ask that you please take Machine Mastery # 1 first. The other classes can then be taken in any order.
  Machine Mastery # 1: Introduction to Your Machine– Required before all other classes. Needles, Threads, Maintenance, Basic Stitching.         Machine Mastery # 2: Basic Operation Basic Stitches, Utility functions, Hemming 
  Machine Mastery # 3: Basic Operation continued Buttonholes, Button Sew-On, Zippers 
  Machine Mastery # 4: Stitch Fun Functions, Memory, Alphabets 
  Machine Mastery # 5: Stitch Fun Continued Free Motion, Bernina Stitch Regulator, Double Needle, Wing Needle 

  Embroidery Machine Mastery Classes
Machine Mastery Embroidery Basics: Learn all about embroidery threads, needles, stabilizers, and hooping and what you can do with your new embroidery machine. You will learn how to manipulate and stitch our designs found within your machine. Please bring your machine, embroidery module and large oval hoop.

  DECO & Aurora 430/440 Embroidery Machine classes will be scheduled as needed. Mastery Classes are provided to you when you purchase a new or used machine from Sew Original. You will need to purchase the appropriate Machine Mastery Kit for the Machine you purchased.

2017 Skill Builders' Block of the Month

We are going to do things a little differently for 2017.  Using all the skills you heightened in 2016, we will create a fabulous quilt together over a 12-month period.  Here's what's happening:

In order to participate in this Block of the Month program, you will need to purchase a pattern and a pack of Cuties - those adorable packages of fat eighths (9" x 21").  There are 16 fat eighths in a package and you will be able to buy the pattern plus a package of Cuties for $19.99.  (Regular price for a pack of Cuties is $24.99 so...what a bargain, right?!) There is additional background fabric to buy, but remember - if you are enrolled in the class, you buy your additional fabric at a 15% discount!!

We will meet on the first and third Monday and Wednesday of each month beginning in March 2017.  Our first meeting will be on March 15, that's a Wednesday, at 2:00 p.m.  Our next session(s) will be on Monday, March 20 - the first day of Spring!!!
The Monday meeting times will be 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Wednesday sessions will meet at 2:00 p.m.only.  Our first session(s) will include picking out your Cuties and then picking out some background fabric to go along.  You need only pick one background for the first block's construction - there are four backgrounds required.

The construction of this quilt requires only straight sewing - there is no appliqué, there are no curves.  There are triangles - you know I love 'em!  This quilt can be pieced by a confident beginner.  We will meet once a month and I will demo the block, give the usual dog & pony show, AND we should have lots and lots of Show & Tell.

I am looking very much forward to seeing you in class in March.


An excellent learning opportunity for ALL BERNINA Software 8 owners
Any level of software, any level of ability!
A different lesson every month!

Join us for a V8 lesson presented virtually by a Bernina educator. We will participate in the lesson with plenty of time for Q & A. You will go home with the lesson (including the virtual recording and all of the lesson handouts) copied to your USB. Show and Tell featuring student embroidery creations is always a favorite part of the class. If you can’t attend the virtual lesson that day, you can bring your USB and get them after the class date. You must bring a USB to get the lesson downloaded to take home. We suggest you have an 8MB or 16MB USB that you keep specifically for Software Inspirations. (CD’s are no longer provided.) Class/Lesson Fee $10

Lesson 1 “Expanding the Boundaries” – Saturday, January 21 10 – 12:30
PhotoStitch is a fun new feature of Software 8! If the size limitations of the picture are restricting, learn how to create a larger picture using this great new feature of Software 8 along with a few tricks from Artwork Canvas.

Lesson 2 “Creating Textures with Alternating Pattern Runs” – Saturday, February 18 10 – 12:30
Create interesting textures using Alternating Pattern Runs. Learn how to use basting stitch markers to create a design that reaches beyond the limits of the hoop.

Lesson 3 “Quilting Made Easy” – Saturday, March 18 10 - 12:30
Use Software 8 to efficiently create your next quilted project! See how quick and easy it is to add quilting stitches around designs that are perfectly placed.

Lesson 4 “Beyond the Surface” – Saturday, April 22 10 – 12:30
Software 8 has six new puffy foam alphabets! Let’s investigate embroidering 3D fonts and digitizing designs to work with puffy foam.

Build Your Sewing Skills!
This is your opportunity to learn fun sewing techniques and tricks from Susan Fears, one of BERNINA’s expert educators! Susan will come to us virtually to present a lesson that incorporates presser feet, accessories, BERNINA machine and Overlock/Serger techniques in projects for everyday living. We will watch the recorded video presentation and then practice some of the techniques that were shown using store machines. You will not need to bring your machine or sewing supplies for this club. Small supply fee may be charged depending on the lesson. This club is for sewers with all levels of sewing ability! If you can’t attend the virtual lesson that day, you can bring your USB and get them after the class date. You must bring a USB to get the lesson downloaded to take home. We suggest you have an 8MB or 16MB USB that you keep specifically for BERNINA Club.  Class Fee of $10 

Lesson 1 “Sewing Upside Down - Bobbinwork” – Saturday, January 21 1:30-3
There are many beautiful decorative threads that are too large to go through the eye of the needle. Learn to use these great threads with Bobbinwork to enhance any project needing raised and/or textural effects.  
Featured Feet: Open Embroidery Foot #20/20C/20D and Clear Embroidery Foot #39/39C

Lesson 2 “Wool Stitch Effects and NeedlePunch” – Saturday, February 18 1:30 – 3
Turn your BERNINA sewing machine into a needle punching, creative machine! Learn the easy conversion steps, variety of techniques and materials needed. Add some stitches with wool thread for extra gravy.
Featured Accessory: Needle Punch Tool (CB and Rotary)

Lesson 3 “Pintucks and Decorative Stitching – A Perfect Combination” – Saturday, March 18 1:30-3
Learn to texturize fabric with pintucks in differing sizes and how to embed decorative stitches within the tucks.
Featured Feet: #30, #31, #32, #33, #46C

Lesson 4 “ On the Edge – BERNINA Hemmer Feet” – Saturday, April 22 1:30-3
Learn to beautifully finish any edge with the BERNINA hemmer feet. Using industry-inspired feet, create hems on a variety of fabrics.
Featured Feet: #61, #62, #63, #64, #66, #68, & #69

BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 Classes
Learn to have fun and be creative using your embroidery software! Terri will be teaching the following classes this quarter. For all classes bring your laptop with Software V8 loaded, computer power cord, an external (wired) mouse and pen/paper for notes.

I’ve Got V8! – Intro and Basic Editing for the NEW Software owner  
If you are a new BERNINA software owner this class is a pre-requisite for all other BERNINA Embroidery Software V8 Classes!
This Hands-On computer class will start you on your journey to lots of fun and creativity using your embroidery software. Learn to navigate the software and basic editing skills. No class fee for those that purchased Software V8 from Sew Original. All others $60 This class will be scheduled on an “as needed basis.” If you have purchased the software and not yet had this class, please contact Terri at the store.

I’ve Got V8 – UPDATE!
Have you updated your BERNINA Software to V8 and want to explore the new features? This hands-on class is for those that are somewhat familiar or experienced with previous versions of the software. V8 must be installed and running on your laptop before the class date!
No class fee if the update is purchased from Sew Original, $35 if purchased elsewhere.  Saturday, January 7 1:00 – 3:00

Lettering & Monogramming in V8! Hands- On Computer Class
You’ll be amazed at all the things you can do with lettering! Explore Lettering Basics and have fun with creative ways to use the alphabets in your Software V8. Students will also learn to use the Monogramming features of the software. Two classes combined in one day to learn lots of lettering and monogramming skills! Class Fee - $60 Saturday, January 28 10 – 4

Digitizing in V8! Hands-On Computer Class
Turn simple pictures into stitches! We will explore and practice Manual Digitizing and learn to use the wonderful Auto-Digitizing tools in V8.  Class Fee - $60 Friday, February 24 10 - 4 

Applique in V8! Hands-On Computer Class
Applique designs are so quick to stitch out! Learn how easy it is to create perfect applique using the Applique and the Advanced Applique tools in your software. Students should have a basic knowledge of digitizing techniques before taking this class. Friday, March 24 10:00 – 12:30 Class Fee - $30

Are you having trouble getting a design from a CD to your embroidery machine to stitch it out? Artlink 7 is your solution! We will explore the FREE Artlink 7 software that is available for download from the BERNINA consumer website. The class will include how to find and save a design to your computer and then send it to your machine! This is a great class for any new embroidery machine owner that has not purchased Editor+ or Designer+ software. This class will be a hands-on computer class with the instructor demonstrating sending a design to a USB stick. You must have the free Artlink software loaded before class.  
Class Fee - $20 This 2 hour class will be scheduled as needed. See Terri if interested.

​Remember Embroidery Club??
Joyce will offer an Embroidery Project every other month beginning in January.
The fee is $20. You will need to sign up prior to class, pick up the supply list and come to class with your sewing/embroidery machine and all listed supplies. We will complete the project in the 2-hour class time. The fee does not include the use of the design outside of class. I will tell you where the design can be purchased for future use. Max. class size is 10. Sign up to save your space. Hope to see you in class.

Thurs., January 12 ,2017 10-12noon, 1-3 pm and 6-8 pm
The project is a beautiful free-standing” lace feather” design to be used as a bookmark. This class will provide you with an understanding of creating freestanding lace.

Thurs., March 2nd -----10-12, 1-3pm and 6-8 pm----Project to be announced.

All About Embroidery Fearless for 2017- Joyce Dimock
During 2017 there will be 10 lessons focused on machine embroidery techniques, stabilizers, design collections and exclusive BERNINA embroidery features. The Fee is $10 per class you need to sign up prior to class. The class is a Video presentation of the months’ project, see listing below for each month, therefore you only need to bring the USB mentioned below to class, nothing else.

Each class presentation will include 1) Project tips, a lesson handout and reference materials, 2) a PDF of the Power Point used in the lesson, 3) Consumer Embroidery Designs for the project and 4) a recording of the presentation.  NOTE: You will need to bring a USB (maybe get one just the SEW-CIAL CLUB PROGRAMS) to class for me to download the class information at the beginning of class. We are no longer going to make a CD with the class information as so many computers no longer have CD players. If you have paid for the class and are unable to make it to the class, bring in your dedicated USB and anyone working in the store can load the program on your USB. **Remember the 200/730 machines need a 2 or 4 GB USB, all others an 8 or 16 GB USB is fine.

January 2017- “You CAN Have it Both Ways!”- Embroidering on napkins is fun and quick way to practice your embroidery skills. The class will discuss placement of embroidery, how to hoop (or not hoop) napkins, embroider on them and create them into a unique project. ---Wed., January 11th -- 10-11am and 6-7pm

February 2017- “On the Edge”-Placing designs along a specific edge can be challenging! This lesson will discuss how to place designs so they fit with-in a specific length of fabric using multi-hooping. Take that technique and apply it to a cute and stylish apron. Tues., February 7th -- 10-11am and 6-7pm

March 2017- “Just for Embroidery”-In-the-hoop projects are a lot of fun and they make quick inexpensive gifts! We will look at some examples of in the hoop items and create a cell phone charger station that keeps your phone charge neat and tidy. Tues., March 7th -- 10-11am and 6-7pm

April 2017- “Double the Fun”- We will make an easy double pocket pouch using two embroidery techniques—quilting in-the-hoop- and couching with embroidery. Tues., April 4th -- 10-11am and 6-7pm

Calling all Sew Original “DesignWorks Software” owners-
Did you buy DesignWorks Software but you’re not using it?
Start the new year learning to use your software.
DesignWorks DECODED for 2017- Joyce Dimock

During 2017 there will be 10 lessons focused on using your DesignWorks software. The Fee is $10 per class and you need to sign up prior to class. The class is a Video presentation of the months’ project, see listing below for each month. For class, you will need to bring your computer with your DesignWorks Software loaded, a wired mouse, and the USB mentioned below. We will watch the presentation and then do the lesson on the computer together. We will discuss the DesignWorks tools used in each class. If anyone has questions regarding the tools I will be glad to demonstrate them.

Each class presentation will include 1) Project tips, a lesson handout and reference materials, 2) a PDF of the Power Point used in the lesson, 3) Consumer Embroidery Designs for the project and 4) a recording of the presentation.  NOTE: You will need to bring a USB (maybe get one just the SEW-CIAL CLUB PROGRAMS) to class for me to download the class information at the beginning of class. We are no longer going to make a CD with the class information as so many computers no longer have CD players. If you have paid for the class and are unable to make it to the class, bring in your dedicated USB and anyone working in the store can load the program on your USB. **Remember the 200/730 machines need a 2 or 4 GB USB, all others an 8 or 16 GB USB is fine.

January 2017- “Unusual Surfaces”- We will experiment painting on all types of surfaces. Discover tips and tricks for using the PaintWorks Tool on many items (not just fabric!) Wed., January 11th 12-3 pm

February 2017- “Crystal Lettering”- Dive into crystal lettering! Evaluate fonts that are appropriate for crystal lettering and how to edit the 
lettering to make a readable crystal font. Featuring crystals of different sizes and colors. Using the Crystal Tool. Tues., February 7th 12-3pm

March 2017- “DesignWorks Labels”- Do you need labels for your quilts and garments you have made? Put a label on any of your sewing projects to make sure everyone knows it was made by you! This lesson will walk you through creating one-of-a-kind labels for all your projects with DesignWorks. Tues., Mar.7th from 12-3pm

April 2017- “Raw Edge Appliqué”-Combine the CutWork Tool with raw edge appliqué to create a unique project with decorative stitches. Learn how to use the drawing tools in DesignWorks Software to create different shapes. Tues., Apr. 4th from 12-3pm


This monthly club focuses on the garment patterns from Linda Lee’s Sewing Workshop collection. Each month we view Linda’s tutorial where she shares her sewing techniques and style ideas with us. We have show and tell of our own work and share questions and knowledge. If you’d like to get back to sewing garments, this club is for you. Membership is $99/year, which includes a USB for the monthly tutorials and all the meetings. Non-members monthly attendance is $20/month. Non-members do not receive the USB, but that month’s tutorial will be emailed to you as a pdf.
January 14, February 11, March 11, April 8, 10am-3pm

CLASS CANCELLATION & BAD WEATHER POLICIES Sew Original requires that you pre-register for ALL classes. Payment is due at time of registration. This assures your place in the class. We need this commitment from you for our classes to run smoothly. Also, it helps our teachers to properly prepare for the class. Our teachers work hard to offer classes they hope our customers will want to take & enjoy. Refunds are available only when a student cancels at least 7 days prior to the class. NO Refund will be given if a student cancels within 6 days before class. In the event that Sew Original / teacher must cancel a class, students will be contacted and a full refund will be given. Please do not ask for exceptions. Remember all students are here to learn new techniques and build their sewing skills. As much as we love children, we ask that you DO NOT bring your children to class, unless it is a class for your child or a class that is for the child & parent working together. Remember to turn off the ringer to your phone. If you answer your phone, please leave the classroom to answer your phone. Please arrive 15-20 minutes before your class is scheduled. This allows the teacher time to set up the classroom and get ready for the class. Please let us know if you have a class you want to see in our shop. You may also create your own class. Get 4 or more friends together, contact us, and we will find a teacher and set aside a time for the class.
This is also the season when we might have questionable weather. If the local school system is closed our classes for the day will be canceled or rescheduled. Please call the shop before coming to a class during bad weather. 

January 2017
March 2017
Save the Date!
Friday, February 10
Friday, April 7
5pm - 9/10pm

Customer Fun Night
Sew In
What to Bring: Sewing project, machine, etc.  
Heavy snack or covered dish to share
And let’s sit and sew until the wee hours of the evening!

Have you found yourself trying to hide under a chair in class because you were afraid to ask how to do something that it seemed everyone else knew how to do? Well, here’s your chance to enter the safe zone! The Peep Show is a series of quick demonstration classes geared toward newbies (and everyone is a newbie at something). We start at the basics and work our way from the bare basics like using a rotary cutter to specific techniques like hand and machine appliqué. The demos last about 30 minutes. You watch and learn and ask questions.  

The Peep Show happens every Tuesday at 5:30 and each week is a new topic and it’s FREE! When you attend, you will receive a stamp card. You receive a stamp for every Peep Show you attend. Once you have 10 stamps, you will receive $25 off a class of your choice! Teachers: Sew Original Staff

February 2017
April 2017
Hand Appliqué Group Therapy

Have an appliqué project that just isn’t going anywhere?  Have a gorgeous appliqué pattern but afraid to start?   You know what they say, “it takes a long time to make a quilt you NEVER work on”!!!!  Well, pack up your projects and let’s all work together.   A sit & appliqué group with the added bonus of having help and encouragement near-by.  Maybe even learn  a new trick or two to add to your arsenal.

Time: 3rd Thursday of each month from 10am-12:30 (right before 3rd Thursday BOM) 
Cost: FREETeacher: Holly Alloway

Here’s a list of the Peep Shows through April.  

Jan 10 - How a sewing machine makes a stitch & basic care
Jan 17 - How to use a rotary cutter
Jan 24 - How to calculate yardage for a quilt top
Jan 31 - Piecing basics: thread basics & a 9-patch
Feb 7 - Piecing basics: half square triangles & Quarter square triangles
Feb 14 - Piecing basics: flying geese
Feb 21 - Piecing basics: y-seams
Feb 28 - Piecing basics: curved piecing
Mar 7 - Border basics: figuring border lengths
Mar 14 - Border basics: miters corners
Mar 21 - Border basics: piping & flanges
Mar 28- Calculating yardage for binding and backing
Apr 4 - Batting types
Apr 11 - Prepping a quilt for your longarmer
Apr 18 - Pin basting a quilt
April 25 - Machine Quilting

Upcoming Classes
Make Them Talk – Or Sing! - Working out the communication challenges between your computer and your embroidery machine
Bring your computer with either Artlink 7 or BERNINA Embroidery Software loaded and your embroidery machine and Cyndy and Terri will work with you on getting designs to your machine to stitch out. (Be sure to get the supply list before the class date!)
Monday, January 16 1:00-3:30 or Friday, February 10 1:00-3:30. COST: $15 ($10 rebate toward embroidery products will be given to class participants)

Pillowcase workshops
Debbie Voigt will be hosting a monthly pillowcase workshop to create cheerful pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles (formerly ConKerr Cancer).  The pillowcases we make will be delivered to kids fighting cancer at Brenner's Children's Hospital and at Ronald McDonald House.  In September, Ryan's Case for Smiles delivered the ceremonial millionth pillowcase to children in hospitals across the country.  Fabric will be provided by the shop so all you need to bring is your machine and basic sewing supplies.  Don't worry if you don't know how to make a pillowcase!  Debbie will show you! Wednesday, January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12, 1:00pm-3:00pm

Collage Quilt 
Make a fun quilt with very little sewing!! This quilt uses Steam-a-Seam II to attach your choice of fussy cut fabrics to make one of the patterns that you choose. The shop has a wide variety of Fiberworks Collage patterns available! Thursday, March 30, 10:00am-3:00pm, COST: $45, Teacher: Lisa Alley or Lita Weiter

Crayon Tinted Embroidery
Would you like to combine your love of embroidery with your love of quilting? Learn to combine both along with the technique of crayon tinting to create a cute summer time mini quilt. This class will show how it draw the design onto your fabric and use basic embroidery stitches to complete the quilt center. Then learn how to use crayons to tint your design and heat set the color. Pattern makes a 16 1/2" square mini quilt that would make a cute pillow or wall hanging. Color tinting technique can be used in other basic embroidery patterns. Beginner embroidery and quilt levels. Thursday, February 2, 10:00am - 12:00noon, COST: $ 25, Teacher: Roberta Upton

English Paper Piecing
Never get caught without a hand project to do while waiting at the doctor, airport, after school pick up, etc. again! This fun, addictive hand-work technique is so portable, you’ll always have something to do. We’ll cover tips and tricks in the class while we make hexagons and talk about the endless project possibilities.  Thursday, February 9, 10:00am - 12:00pm, COST: $20, Teacher: Lisa Alley

Fabric Bowls
Do you have oodles of scrapes left from Christmas projects? Do you want to tidy up your sewing space by 
making more room? Come join us for a delightful class in which you will learn to make whimsical fabric bowls. 
Make them to use, make them to give, make them to add pops of color to your spaces! This is a fun, inspiring,
 easy class for everyone! Saturday, February 11, 10:00am - 3:00pm, COST: $45, Teacher: Laura Dilbridge

Flower Doodles
Learn Susan's techniques for painting and quilting whimsical flowers and create your own work of art! 
Wednesday, April 26, 10:30am - 3:30pm, COST: $55, Teacher: Susan Edmonson

Machine Quilting Techniques
Take the stress out of machine quilting by learning the tricks to make it easier.  You will learn many techniques
 for free-motion quilting, from stippling to flowers, words & feathers.  There will also be instructions for using 
the walking foot. This class is going to focus on Doodle Quilting that is sew much fun!  Susan will have 
patterns for you to trace for the thread sketching we will be doing.  So bring your 18” x 22” “quilt sandwiches”
 & come play & draw with your sewing machine!  It will be a fun day of learning!  Thursday, April 6, 
10:30am - 3:30pm, COST: $55, Teacher: Susan Edmonson

Metro Rings
Metro Rings is a modern take on the Double Wedding Ring pattern our grandmothers painstakingly hand 
pieced. With the Quick Curve ruler and a set of precut strips (Jelly rolls, etc), you will have this beautiful quilt 
made in no time.  Saturday, February 18, 10:00am - 3:00pm, COST : $40, Teacher: Pat Glaunert

Mini Prayer Flags
This class is designed to embellish til your hearts content!  You could call them Prayer Flags or just a little banner
 for any wall or doorway.  They are one of the most fun things I’ve ever made!  They are all original designs by 
Susan Edmonson Designs with a nature theme in mind.  We will be learning lots of hand embroidery stitches 
using Pearl Cotton Embroidery Threads along with learning 6 different ways to make a yo-yo into really pretty
 flowers and then embellishing the flowers.  These little gems are small so they don’t take a lifetime to finish and 
once you make one, you can’t wait to make another one!  This class was almost called “Endless Embellishing!” 
 So come join Susan for a really fun day of stitching and making free form flowers.  No machine required. 
Thursday, March 13, 10:30am-3:30pm, COST: $55, Teacher: Susan Edmonson

Shenandoah Quilt
This is a striking quilt designed to show off that fabric you just can’t bring yourself to cut. Large piecing makes it a 
quick project and it can be done in any size from crib to king.  Friday, April28, 10:00am - 4:00pm, 
COST: $45, Teacher: Lisa Alley

Stained Glass Quilting
Learn this fun technique for creating a stained glass appearance by making a deco rose block 
that can become a wall hanging or pillow - prefect quick Christmas present! Fusing and machine 
appliqué make it a quick project.  Saturday, March 18, 10:00am - 3:00pm, COST $45, 
Teacher: Lisa Alley

T-Shirt Quilt
Do you have a ton of t-shirts you love but don’t wear anymore? You want to keep them but they take up all your drawer space? Turn them into a quilt! In class we will get you started prepping your shirts, fussy-cutting the art-work and talk about setting options, fabric selection and finishing.  Saturday, April 22, 10:00am-4:00pm, COST: $45, Teacher: Lisa Alley

Let's Get Organized in 2017

Introducing a club for the busy sewist! Instruction uses online videos and email instead of scheduled classes. Each month you will receive a "by Annie" Bag pattern that is perfect for organizing your sewing room, home or to give as a gift. Twelve patterns in all. Each month a new technique is will be an expert at the end of the year! A flyer showing all the projects is at the end of this newsletter. Annie is known for her easy zipper and bag construction techniques!
On the first Tuesday of each month we will have a "Show & Share" at the Shop. Stop in anytime to share your previous month's project & questions for Lisa and receive a free gift for visiting! Pick up your pattern and select fabric to get started on your next project. 
Optional kits (monthly cost varies) for all supplies (bag zipper, vinyl, mesh, Soft & Stable interfacing, buckles, etc) will be available for preorder AND you can order as many kits as you like at the discounted club rate. Perfect for making gifts all year long! 

$25 to join includes your $15 one-time club fee and $10 January "Stash and Dash" pattern. You will be billed $10 each month for 11 months of patterns. Your order can be mailed for a nominal fee if you like.  

$15 Club fee gives you access to emails with hints and techniques, special video tutorials AND the 15% savings all year on preorders of as many kits as you need each month! Sign up by calling the shop today and make 2017 the year YOU become a bag expert and get organized.

Machine Quilting with Cherry Guidry & Amanda Murphy 
MARCH 23, 2017 10 am – 4 pm (Lunch included)
Class at the Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem

Treat yourself to a day with TWO nationally known industry leaders in quilt and fabric design and improve your machine quilting skills with lots of fresh ideas from two wonderful designers. Amanda and Cherry both spend hours at their machines perfecting their skills and love to share their knowledge with fellow quilters! Both are known for their use of color in modern designs with a traditional flair with appliqué, machine embroidery options and lots of machine quilting.  This class using the Amanda Murphy quilting panels designed exclusively for Bernina shops. You choose the Free Motion Quilting panel or the Ruler Template Quilting panel.  Panel and supplies are not included. A supply list will be emailed in January. 

Only $125 for the day with TWO great quilters. $99 for retreat attendees. Sign up spaces! Call the shop or Kathleen at Salem Quilt Retreats (336) 631-5356 or sign-up at

Friday Night Skinning dipping is all about exposing new quilters to techniques without committing to a big project. Starting in February, we’ll meet the 3rd Friday night of each month and everyone will have a chance to try the technique of the month. We’ll be using the machines on the shop floor, so no hassle of dragging a machine and supplies in for the class.  

The cost is $5 per session.  Space will be limited so be sure to reserve your spot early!  

February, 17, 5:30-7:00 - Flying geese
March 17, 5:30-7:30 - Machine Appliqué
April 21, 5:30-7:30 - Y-seams